Message From The Mayor & Council

December 2017

Hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday. Just a quick note to update everyone. We are gradually getting into the groove. It is quite an information learning curve for those of us who are new, but we are getting there.

It was too bad that the sleigh ride did not come off as The Recreation Society planned, but the lights were certainly worth the trip. Council is planning a meeting with the Insurance Company in the New Year for both the Council and the public. Our insurance has some holes to put it mildly. We all need to find out what changes we need to make so that we can have a successful Canada Day Parade as well as any other functions we might wish to hold. We need to be sure that everything is properly insured for the protection of both the people in the community and the town itself.

We are doing our level best to comply with the government requirements but have asked for an extension because it has not been possible to update all the by-laws and deal with everything else that was in the report. Extensions are usually granted, but we have no word as yet.

There are a great many things on our plate, but we are moving forward as quickly as we can. We had a very successful meeting with the MD Reeve and Council. We are looking forward to working with them.

The building referred to as the 2000 Center is coming along nicely and we hope to have it finished by the end of January.

There have been many people down with the flu and colds, so here is hoping that everyone is healthy for Christmas and the New Year.

Here is wishing everyone a Happy Healthy and Great Holiday Season.

Helen Kehoe

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